Sound Design

Krzysztof in 2016 started his journey into sound recording, editing and implementing in games. He’s a game nerd, so he wanted to know how to put a „life” in games. For now, Krzysztof has his own recording studio, field recorders and foley stage.

He fluently knows FL Studio, it is his main DAW since 2006, but he also can work in Cubase and Reaper. He is strong in FMOD, where he can create events, banks for Unity3D or Unreal Engine.

He has basic skills in C# programming in Unity3d (also implementation in this engine) and can implement in Unreal Engine.


Below you will find a links and videos to Krzysztof’s sound design works:


Krzysztof Kus Sound Design Gameplay Videos


FMOD tutorial – how to make modern shooting sounds


Anthem Gameplay Trailer with reworked sounds


Hard West Trailer with reworked sounds


LudumDare 41 Trishoot Game Afterframe Intro


Beer Ranger Voice Acting  Trailer